Day 2: In Our Element

As I mentioned yesterday, I live in a wonderful house with lots of farm girls. 🙂 On campus, we are exposed to many things were not necessarily used to. (Loud traffic sounds and more people than animals for example.)

This weekend, we had the opportunity to, as a pledge class, stay at one of our pledge sister’s house. (Bless her parents’ hearts… not just anyone is brave enough to let 18 college girls take over their basement!)

We got to spend our Saturday afternoon “back in our element.” We drove out to our pledge sister’s farm and her dad was gracious enough to stop harvesting soybeans long enough for us to pose for a group picture in front of his red (unfortunately) combine. He also offered a few rides. (But I’m really not sure I’m okay with riding in red…)


Then we drove out to her cattle barns. She got to show off her show heifer while we again posed for a photo-op. We all enjoyed petting the barn cats and climbing the round bales.


After that excursion, we headed back to her house to get dolled-up and put on our boots for the rodeo!

This day in the country provided new experiences for some of us. But we all got a taste of home too. Car ride conversations between stops included plans to visit everyone’s house so we could all show off our barns, equipment, and livestock to a group of our sisters who would truly understand and appreciate it.

I’m incredibly grateful for a weekend spent with lovely friends “back in our element.”




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