Day 4: What did you say?

Yesterday morning I was walking across the Quad to my 9am class and there were two girls walking behind me talking quite loudly. They were loud enough that I could have eavesdropped, if I could have understood them that is…

One thing I don’t think this small town girl will ever get used to is the diversity on campus. I think the girls that were walking behind me on the Quad yesterday were speaking in a Chinese dialect, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

While this diversity is a good thing for me to be exposed to, it can still be difficult and strange. In most rural communities in the Midwest, everyone (or almost everyone) is white and speaks English. But here on campus, almost half the student population is a different ethnicity.

The ethnic diversity on campus has been a bit of a culture shock for this small town girl, but it’s also been a great learning opportunity for me. As my mom likes to say, it’s “horizon broadening.”



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