Day 6: You Can’t Throw Shade on the Corn!

A week ago, I walked out of Bevier Hall and turned to walk to my next class. But then, I took a deep breath and my nose told me something was different. It took me about 5 seconds to realize what that different smell was. It wasn’t the strange smells coming from a dining hall or a student that hadn’t had time to shower in a few days. It wasn’t even the smell of the autumn leaves. This was the smell of HARVEST. I smelled harvest, which is not what you expect to smell on a college campus.

I knew my nose wasn’t lying to me, so it could only mean one thing, they were harvesting the Morrow Plots.

20141024_131155 20141024_131004

This is an exciting occurrence for more reasons than one. First of all, it is a first for many students. Most of the city slickers enrolled here on campus haven’t ever seen a combine, especially not up close in person.

Second, it brings attention to one of the most sacred places here on campus. The Morrow Plots are the oldest experimental research field in the Western Hemisphere and are a National Historic Landmark. The Morrow Plots are so important to our university that the Undergraduate Library was actually built underground so that the building wouldn’t shade the field! The Morrow Plots even have their own song!

Finally, the harvesting of the Morrow Plots brings a bit of the country into the middle of this Big 10 campus and brings me the smell of harvest from home.


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