Day 8: The Life of the Party

As you know, I attend the University of Illinois. What you may or may not know is that the U of I was the #3 party school in the nation for 2014. It is impossible to live on this campus without being aware of the partying and drinking culture.

Last night was our barn dance (and yes I’m awake today to write about it). In some ways, a barn dance is the epitome of college life colliding with rural life. My friends and I spent the afternoon doing our hair and deciding which flannel shirt and boots to wear. We boarded a bus that drove us out into the middle of nowhere (with only a few wrong turns). We got off the bus at a farmstead that had a shed with the lights on inside.


This is where college life and rural life meet. I assume this shed usually stored machinery and tools. However, last night it was cleared out with Christmas lights on the walls, a few tarps on the floor, hay bales to sit on, and of course the tables with food and alcoholic beverages.

The night was filled with line dancing and two-stepping to country music. Lots of group pictures were taken (although my phone didn’t like the lighting in the shed very much), bags (or corn hole) was played, and since it was a party, the alcohol was plentiful. Now I don’t drink, but there was a still lot of fun to be had and someone has to take the ever-important responsibility of making sure everyone gets home safely.


Barn dance puts the party of college life into a rural setting.


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