Day 9: A Taste of Home

“Faith, Family, Farming” is the sign that hangs in my grandparents house.

Family is incredibly important in small, farming communities. When you live in a small town everyone seems to be your family in some way or another. You have your biological family, your church family, your circle of friends that are like family, and the general community that looks out for you like family.

Heading to a college campus, you have to find some new circles of family. I have been able to find these people on campus but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my family from home.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways that I can get a taste of home. One of these would be through letters and care packages. Two weeks ago my wonderful church family packaged and sent delicious care packages full of cookies, snacks, and drawings from the younger kids. The days that I come home from class to find a letter in my mailbox or a package are instantly better.


Another taste of home comes through company. Yesterday, a few friends from home showed up unannounced and we had a great afternoon full of tours of campus and lots of laughs.

I have been very blessed to have many visitors throughout the semester including my family and others from my hometown. Having visitors and being able to share a little bit of my life on campus with them is always fun and makes home not seem quite so far away.


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