Day 12: “In Summer…”

Like Olaf from the popular Frozen movie, I’m finding myself dreaming of summer. This morning when I walked to class my weather app told me the wind chill was 18o and by the time I got there, the part of my hair that was still wet was frozen. I’M NOT READY FOR WINTER!!

So instead of thinking about the coming winter, I’ll just think back to last summer. In college, everyone is focused on getting internships and job experiences. I was fortunate enough to get some job experience last summer with my local county Farm Bureau. I was the Communications and Marketing Intern so I got to do things like design a website and build a Facebook page. One of my favorite activities on the job was taking pictures for our County Barn Tour.

Barn Tour Cover Photo.jpg

I had the opportunity to tour the barns a few weeks early and explore and talk to the owners. It was fun to drive through the countryside and try to capture the essence and beauty of these buildings.

Barn #3 collage Barn #4 Collage   Barn #8 collage Barn #9 collage Barn #10 Collage Barn #11 collage

The internship was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity for me to start getting a little bit of job experience. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had last summer and I cant wait to see what next summer has to bring!

Now to survive this winter…


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