Day 17: You’ve never heard of Casey’s??

I was sitting in class the other day discussing various topics with the other students in my class. Eventually, we got on the topic of favorite pizzas. There are so many good options! One girl who grew up in a small town like me suggested Casey’s pizza, to which I completely agreed!

However, from most of the rest of the room, we just got confused looks. The majority of my classmates live in Chicago or it’s suburbs and weren’t familiar with Casey’s General Store. One girl said she had only seen one Casey’s in her life and had never eaten the delicious pizzas or donuts you can get inside.


If you are from a small town, this probably seems as crazy to you as it did to me. In almost any small town near me you will find a Casey’s along the highway that runs through the town. When I played rec league softball, we figured the system out so we could call ahead and order our pizza for supper at the exact time we were driving past on our way home, no matter what town we had traveled to for the game.

After a peak at Casey’s website, I realized why the concept of getting pizza at a gas station was so foreign to the suburbanites in my class. There aren’t any Casey’s in the Chicago land area.Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.28.17 AM

As I read further into the history of the gas station/convenience store, I learned that 1856 of the stores have been constructed, but are only built in towns of 5000 people or less. That fact would explain why my classmates had never heard of it.

In small towns we sometimes take the little things like knowing everyone in the community and eating Casey’s pizza for granted.


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