Day 21: What should I do with my life?

In my Agricultural Communications class, we have been looking at some of the possible careers in the industry. This has been incredibly interesting and has led me to start thinking about what in the world I should do with my life!

In many ways, I am exactly where I want to be. I’m at the University of Illinois and I’m living at 4-H House, two dreams I’ve had since age 4. This is basically the point I have been working towards for my entire life. In college, however, this viewpoint changes. Now it’s time to focus on what’s next, what comes after college.

photo 2

The first step is choosing a major, which I have done. I am very excited about my decision to major in Agricultural Communications. As an ag comm major, I can then choose to concentrate on advertising or journalism. This decision can guide what specific skill sets I gain in college and what career I will be best prepared for.


Next, my class has been looking at possible careers and specializations in the field. These include public relations, crisis communication, sales, and marketing, to name a few. Each of these jobs has it’s own unique job description and different people and personalities that will fit these descriptions.

Finally, we did a reading and discussed in class how to go about finding a career. Plenty of advice was given and we established the fact that we probably won’t find the “right” job on the first try, or many even the second or third. Some jobs end up not being what we thought they would be. Other jobs are ones that we thought we would enjoy, and later we realize that we thought wrong. As the class discussed these ideas, the thought of finding a good, secure, and enjoyable job became quite daunting. However, the many options and opportunities that are provided to us as ag comm majors at the University of Illinois gives me confidence that there is a job out there for all of us.

Long story short, a career in ag comm can take you almost anywhere. I feel very honored to follow in the footsteps of the many people that have gone through the University of Illinois’ Agricultural Communications program. Many of these people have done great things and are making a huge impact on agriculture as Holly Spangler, one of these people, has highlighted in her series of Agriculturalists who influence. Her selections of U of I ag comm grads include Colleen Callahan, Noreen Frye, and Matt Lloyd. She speaks to their amazing career paths and the influence they have had on the agricultural industry.


While I still have a long way to go, I know that I have a lot of great options in my future and God has a plan for my life beyond what I can even imagine right now.


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