Day 22: I Survived!

Finally, the long-anticipated Thanksgiving break! It’s been over 2 months without a day off or a break in classes and homework, and while I still have projects and studying to get done this week, it’s good to be home. Being at home makes me realize how much I have learned in the last few months. There are things that I never would have noticed before that I now notice when I come home.

The first of these was evident the moment I walked in the door. My kitchen table was covered in Farm Journal, Progressive Farmer, Prairie Farmer, and Illinois AgriNews issues. This reminded me of the day in my ag comm class that we discussed the importance of print productions in agriculture. Most of our news and information is now coming from the Internet, but the importance of newspapers and magazines has maintained its importance in the ag industry.


Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.01.45 PM

The next thing I notice now more than I used to is advertisements and TV commercials. My advertising class has opened my eyes to the methods and ideas behind the advertisements we see on TV or in magazines or even on the Internet.

After stopping at home last night, I went out to eat with one of my close friends. As I drove into town to pick her up, I noticed the world I have been raised in. I paid attention to how our town is laid out and I thought back to everything I have learned about how rural America looks from the outside. These are concepts I have learned about in the place-making discussions in my communications class.

I’m incredibly thankful to have a break from school for a week (even though I still have homework and projects to work on). However, I can’t wait to see what the rest of this semester, this year, and the rest of my college career will hold. (If I survive that long…) 🙂


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