Day 24: Where it all Began

Thanks to my older siblings and my family that bleeds orange and blue, it wasn’t difficult for me to decide where to go to college. I was basically told that I could go wherever I wanted, as long as it was located in Urbana-Champaign and the school colors were orange and blue. 🙂

My decision of what to major in was not as simple. I have always known that I want to contribute to the agricultural industry because of my farming roots, but I didn’t always know how.

My junior year of high school I really started to think about what I wanted to pursue in college. I knew agricultural communications was an option as I have a few relatives in the industry, but I wasn’t really set on it yet.

This afternoon, I got to go back to the place that helped me make that ever-important decision of what to major in, my high school English teacher/Speech Team coaches’ classroom. It was in that classroom that she pushed me to write my own speech my junior year of high school. It was that informative speech entitled “What’s for Dinner?” that really allowed me to discover how much I love telling people about agriculture and how passionate I am about informing consumers.

1507345_697232503650776_1445803172_o This afternoon I went back to help the students that are still on the Speech Team now. I know how much I learned from that experience and how grateful I am for that opportunity. The skills that I learned from my small school’s speech team have contributed immensely to the success I’ve had in college so far.


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