Day 26: 5 Things College Students should Thank a Farmer for

As you know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! This holiday is all about being thankful for friends and family and the many blessings we have. Farmers are often thanked for the food they provide for the rest of the population. However, there are many other items that college students especially use on a regular basis that they should thank a farmer for.

  1. Cosmetics – On campus, I live in a house with lots of girls. If the girls are going out at night, they want to look nothing less than their best. They may not realize that they should be thanking farmers for their beauty products as corn in the form of starch, oil, or powder can be found in these products as well as the lard from pigs.
  2. Crayons – Now you may think of crayons as something for elementary school kids – not college students – but coloring with crayons can be the most relaxing study break. Fat from cattle or oil from soybeans can be found in these colorful tools.
  3. Adhesives – As we decorate and finish projects and fix our own shoes, nothing is more important than tape and other types of adhesives. These adhesives can contain corn flour or corn oil or swine by-products.
  4. Soap – When you live in a place with people EVERYWHERE, it’s very important to stay clean. Many of the additives found in hand soap and other hygiene products are derived from corn. Fat from cattle and swine can also be found in soaps.
  5. Tables – Finally, we all need something to eat off and write on and set our laptops on. Most desks, tables, and chairs are made of wood that is stained and varnished. The varnish found on this furniture is shiny because of the corn oil found in it.

This is just a small taste of the many products farmers bring us. I hope that not just college students, but everyone can be thankful for the blessings we enjoy. This Thanksgiving, remember to Thank a Farmer!


The other Farm Bloggers will be Thankful if you check out their blogs too!


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