Day 28: Have Patience

As you drive around today you will see Christmas lights and cars full of shopping bags. Or was that yesterday? As black Friday shopping moves to Thursday and Toyland is open before Halloween is over, we seem to try to make Christmas come earlier and earlier every year.

The world I live is one of instant gratification. We want things now. We want to know our test scores now. We want our Insomnia Cookies delivered sooner. We want the bus to be on time, not 2 minutes late.

However, this world isn’t realistic. In the real world, we have to be patient. This is especially true in the farming world. Farmers can’t decide when they want it to rain or when they want the sun to shine. They have to patiently and faithfully wait for the weather. They can’t control when livestock need their attention and they need to be fed everyday, even on weekends and holidays.

A lesson could be learned from the agricultural community. We will get our test scores when the professors grades them, Insomnia Cookies will be delivered when they are ready, the bus will come when it comes, and Christmas will be on December 25. Our society, especially my generation in college could take a lesson in how to be patient and appreciative of what they have.


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