Day 29: The Value of Family

For me, the holidays have continued all weekend. Today I find my house filled with my family. Being surrounded by family provides a wonderful feeling of safety and love.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to campus. Some people might worry that I will miss the safety of home. However, there are many places on campus to find this support.

I’ve talked about the support I receive from my sisters at 4-H House. I can find this support many other places too. In fact, the entire college of ACES can be like a supportive family.

When I walk on the South Quad, I usually see at least one person I know, which makes a large campus seem quite a bit smaller. I know I can walk into the ACES library and get the help I need. I can ask my professors in my smaller classes anything I need to and know I will get an answer. These are just a few of the instances of the things that make a huge campus seem like a safe family.

My family at home is incredibly close and loving and supportive. I’m blessed to be able to find the support I need on campus.


The blogging challenge is almost over!


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