Day 30: Thanks for the Support!

Today is the last day of this 30-Day Blogging Challenge! I want to thank everyone that has been following my blog for the last 30 days. It is incredibly encouraging to hear that people are actually reading this. 🙂

I also want to thank the entire agricultural community for the support they have given me in the past year as I have started my adventure on a Big 10 Campus. I have discovered that the agricultural community is more supportive than any other I have seen. As I was applying for scholarship after scholarship, I had friends who said they were struggling to find scholarships and if they did find a scholarship, it was a competitive one. I have found that the agricultural community sometimes has more scholarships to offer than they have applicants for these scholarships.

The multitudes of scholarships I applied for and received have helped me greatly in my college pursuits thus far. It is wonderful that the agricultural industry is so supportive of its next generation because this generation is incredibly important!

I feel blessed on many levels to receive support from those around me and from the industry I am proud and excited to be stepping into! Thank you for spending these 30 Days With a Small Town Girl on a Big 10 Campus!




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