On the Road

My first month with Illinois Farm Bureau has definitely been consistent with my theme of a summer of adventures. The last three weeks have given me many opportunities to travel, network, and learn.

My first trip was to Carbondale for the Illinois Cooperative Council’s Youth Conference. This two-day conference taught FFA students about the principles and values of cooperatives. It gave me the opportunity to meet professionals working for different organizations in the industry.

After that, I spent the weekend in Effingham for the State Young Leader Committee meeting. This gave me insight into more of what the Young Leader Committee does and allowed me to get to know more people in agriculture throughout the state.

The next week, I spent time in Springfield at the State FFA Convention. This was another new experience for me as I never had the opportunity to be in FFA. I learned a lot about the organization and even had the opportunity to judge chapter scrapbooks.


Milton Hershey School Farm

Finally, my last adventure of June was on the Heritage and Cooperatives Tour to Washington, D.C. I helped chaperone about 70 FFA students that earned their trip to D.C. through projects they had worked on during the school year. Our trip took us to the Milton Hershey School farm, Gettysburg, Mt. Vernon, the Holocaust Museum, the Newseum, the Capitol, and many of the monuments around D.C. The students on the trip were great and it was fun to see some new parts of D.C. as well as revisit places I’ve been before.


Great group of students!

This first month of my internship has been a busy and fun ride! I’m looking forward to what the rest of the summer has in store!



My Last Week on the Beach

The next adventure of my summer has begun as I started my internship at Illinois Farm Bureau yesterday! The last few days have been a whirlwind, but after some readjusting of travel plans, I made it back to Illinois from Greek Summit last weekend and moved to Bloomington for my internship.


Church on the Beach

The rest of the trip was awesome and I’m excited about what this summer and next school year have in store! Waking up early for church on the beach was a great way to start the second week of Greek Summit. The week also gave us the opportunity to write up ministry plans for when we get back to campus in the fall. We heard talks on many topics including the potential legacy a Christian can leave in a sorority or fraternity, and apologetics and how to defend our faith.

The Lord worked in so many ways while we were in Destin! One of the highlights of the trip was watching one of the college students that some of our guys talked to during our day of outreach come to some of our events and eventually come to know Christ before the end of our trip. It was also incredible to see two
students on the trip be baptized in the Gulf of Mexico.


My lovely Small Group

I’m so glad that the Lord led me to going on this trip, even if that meant flying by myself, to a place I’d never been, to hang out with a bunch of strangers. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to make new friends from all over the southeastern United States. I’m also excited about everything I learned and having chances to implement my new skills and ideas.

greek summitIf you have any questions about the details of my trip to Greek Summit, just let me know!